Researching background and resource information for a client project, I read a number of articles on the purpose of SEO. Those articles led to this post.

Article after article I read stated the purpose of SEO is to raise ranking for targeted keywords and phrases. That’s true, but not the important part of the story — I think the big picture is being missed.

The purpose of SEO is to be found by the people you want to find you, knowing they’re using search to look for you.

People look for things on the Internet using keywords and phrases. Search engines return results against these searches…this is where some people lose sight of the big picture.

The key to a successful SEO effort is being clear on who you want to find you and understanding the way they think when looking for you. Obviously, this is where keywords, key phrases, and search ranking enters the discussion, but SEO is so much more.

SEO isn’t as simple as randomly picking keywords you think describe your business or website. This is where people get off track: quickly picking a list of keywords and treating SEO like a technical project.

Given the future of SEO, you need to spend more time thinking like the people you want to attract, understand their motivation, and deliver compelling quality content others naturally and enthusiastically link to.

Remember, the purpose of SEO is to be found by people you want to find you — make it easy and obvious when they do.

What say you?


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