I’ve received a figurative ton of mail congratulating me on be being pre-qualified for an offer I don’t want and have less interest in accepting.

This is an interesting trick and gimmick tactic to increase response and application rates. I bet you’ve received more than your fair share of this trash mail too.

The pre-qualification is carefully worded to give the impression you’re approved, worse, that you won.  But you’re not.  And you didn’t.

Your pre-qualification means your name fell into a mailing list someone bought.  You’re pre-qualified against search criteria the sender selected. I hate this stuff.

There’s a twofold lesson and opportunity here.  Sadly, the first lesson is that tricks and gimmicks like this work.  The second lesson is there are countless people like me that are turned off by this stuff.

The second lesson is the opportunity. I am more convinced than ever there is a thriving market for the honest offer – an offer based on real benefits – void of tricks, gimmicks, ploys, and teases to be read and acted upon.

What do you think?


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