Isn’t trust the foundation of every relationship?

Think about it.

For every relationship we value — spouse, friend, family — trust is at the core. We trust they will support us and act in our interest. We trust they’ll take care of us and be there when we need them most.

When we trust someone, we share inner thoughts, ideas, and feelings. Stupid questions don’t exist. And there’s no fear of feeling foolish for talking about that crazy idea.

When we don’t trust someone, we withhold information, guard ideas, and sometimes offer misleading information to keep people at bay. We aren’t open with people we don’t trust.

Trust is critical to sales and account management. If a prospect or client doesn’t trust you, they won’t tell you the whole story about the project, their budget, competition in the account, how decisions are made, etc. They’ll withhold and compartmentalize information.

When a salesperson is trusted, prospects and clients freely talk about the opportunity — sharing details about the project, how budgets were determined, how decisions will be made, and why particular vendors are considered. Trust goes a long way.

So, how do you build trust?

Trust in a sales relationship is little different than any other relationship. How honest you are in the approach, your reputation, follow-through and commitment, how openly you share information, etc. goes along way.

The idea in this post to center your thoughts on the importance of trust and how you need to protect it. As with any relationship, once trust is broken, it takes tremendous effort and time to repair it. And even once repaired, the crack can always been seen and the memory always lingers.

Build trust and never break it.

Have you ever been in or witnessed a business relationship that lacks trust? How did it effect the ability to do business? What are your thoughts on trust?


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