There are many parts and pieces to a successful B2B lead generation campaign.  Profiling the target recipient is the most important.

But there are two particular elements of a successful campaign we need to consider, continually evaluate, and monitor for results in the copy of our campaign: the offer and call to action. Copy includes landing pages, sales letters, phone scripts, case studies, special reports, etc. – anything you’re using as a tool to attract sales-ready leads.

The Offer

Your offer is the reason you give a person to act. It’s what you offer in exchange for action. The key concept to embrace is the offer can’t be exciting and valuable to you, it needs to excite and be valued by the person you’re making it to. That’s the key to making your offer irresistible.

Call to Action

Until I tell you exactly what it is I want you to do – request, vote, visit, call, register, etc. – the best you can do is guess at my intention and the next step. And leaving lead generation success to guesses is a losing proposition. Calls to action should be directive and intuitive.

Carefully constructed offers and calls to action create sales-ready leads.

To be sure, there’s a lot more to lead generation than offers and calls to action. And there’s a lot more to making great offers and compelling calls to action than I covered in this post. The point of this post though isn’t to be exhaustive on either subject – the point is you need to be mindful and critical of these two elements in each campaign.

Together, the offer and call to action are the two most critical elements in executing a successful B2B lead generation campaign.

Do you agree or disagree? Why?


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