I believeWhen you make an offer to a prospect, you have to give them something to believe in. This something is evidence in support of them realizing the benefit(s) of your offer. In other words, you have to convince your prospect you can deliver everything they are buying – not your physical goods and services, but the benefits they expect to enjoy.

Here are 9 reasons your prospect can believe in you and your business:

Risk reversal guarantee. Take the risk out of being a customer. Offer to provide a product or service without cost if not fully satisfied. Get creative. Offer a guarantee only someone who is supremely confident in their abilities would ever dare.

Industry awards and recognition. If you’ve won any awards, display them.

Testimonials. Testimonials from relevant sources are extremely convincing of your ability to deliver your stated benefits. The key is the testimonial being relevant — same service, similar solutions, recognized company, etc.

Pedigree. If you have a rich heritage, tell everyone.

Degree. If education counts in your business and you have a lot of it on staff…let us know about it.

Publication. Wrote a book? Had an article published? There are few things that impress or say you’re qualified like having something in print.

Longevity. If I said I had been in business for 50 years, a safe assumption is I must be doing something right. Depending on your field, 10 years can be just as powerful. Longevity alone isn’t enough, be sure to quantify years of experience into things your prospect cares about: number of clients served, volume of business, volume of repeat buyers, number of projects, etc.

Industry Affiliations. You are known by those you keep company. Be sure you participate in a meaningful way, not just pay dues and attend meetings.

Case studies. Write a report on a success you’ve contributed significantly to. Follow a simple problem, solution, result formula for telling the story of a client success. Be sure the story is relevant to target prospects.

There are nine ways to provide a prospective customer proof you can deliver the benefits you offer. Through a combination of these nine ideas, you need to provide your prospect overwhelming evidence you are the right business to become a customer.

Tip: Don’t give a prospect one reason to be a customer, give them more reasons to believe than they require.

What would you add to my list?


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