diffI recently wrote a couple blog posts about solicitations I received seeking donations and a sales meeting. In both posts, I highlighted things I find lacking in their approach. The common thread is the reader isn’t enticed with a benefit — there’s little given to them as a compelling reason to act.

Here’s the other common thread: Both organizations sending me the letter and email are in highly competitive markets and neither offered any differentiating points as to why I should be their customer as opposed to doing business with a competitor.

This is a common oversight and mistake of many marketing and sales campaigns.

Think about it

It’s a great exception any of us sit alone in a viable market. Anywhere there are customers, there are competitors.

The challenge we have as marketers and sales professionals is differentiating ourselves from others chasing or luring the same prospective customers. If all we do is highlight the things we do, we all sound the same. And when we all sound the same, our prospect leans toward price and availability to make a purchase decision — every competitor is reduced to a commodity offering.

Here’s the takeaway

If the basis of your sales pitch is here are the things we do, how can you expect the buyer to make a purchase decision in your favor when two or more competitors are offering the same list of stuff? You have to offer something more — the things you do aren’t important beyond their ability to prove or promise something greater.

What say you?


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