You’ve likely heard it a thousand times. And you’ve likely shrugged more than once. Although it’s sage advice, most of us ignore it: stories sell. 

It almost sounds gimmicky — kinda like an oversimplified cure-allBut it’s true: stories sell.

Stories create interest, paint a picture in your prospect’s mind, and gives people something to consider. Stories can be told, shared, and re-told time and again.

Stories are an easy way for salespeople to communicate:

  • The story of how your business was founded
  • The story about a huge customer success
  • The story behind your latest product release
  • The story of your latest business expansion
  • The story about your company’s planned future

The simple truth is stories are much more engaging than spec sheets, brochures, and presentations.

The rub for many of us is knowing what it takes to make a great story. Fortunately, The Copybot took care of that part in a really good reference-post titled Cheat Sheet to Hypnotic Storytelling. In that post you’ll find six tips to make your copy memorable and engaging — read it, bookmark it, and reference it often.

What do you think? Do stories help B2B sales 0r do I have it all wrong?

What’s your story?


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