There’s a lot of marketing effort and  out there focused solely on how the vendor thinks — the vendor’s view of the world, vision of the future, story, way of making the world better, etc.

And for good reason: Who wants to do business with a backward thinking vendor with no direction or future plans?

But the vendor’s view of the world is secondary. There’s one worldview that matters most when it comes to lead generation, sales, and selling — the prospective customer’s.

You have to understand your prospect’s worldview

Your prospect’s view of the world is the most important perspective a marketer and sales professional should be aware of — it’s the framework your perspective has to fit in. It’s the starting point in your prospect’s mind. No matter what you say, that’s where they begin to process it.

If you don’t understand your prospect’s view of the world, you have little chance of compelling them to engage with you in a business discussion. Instead, you’ll get a lot of nods, smiles, nonverbal agreements, and little action after the first meeting.

If you’ve ever wondered why you’ve had such great meetings that didn’t result in anything, odds are you didn’t present yourself in the framework of your prospect’s worldview.

So, what makes a worldview?

Your prospect’s view of the world comes from the following:

  • their position
  • their work history
  • their customers
  • their management
  • their experience
  • their peers
  • their market
  • their industry
  • their education
  • their organizational structure

You see the pattern.  Your prospect’s worldview is all about them.  It’s the way they’re thinking when you enter their world.

If you want to be heard, you have to speak in a manner which acknowledges the worldview of the person you’re speaking to.  It’s the most important thing a copywriter must consider when writing to a given audience.

It’s a fact.

Do you agree or disagree with me that your prospect’s worldview is what matters most?  Why?


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